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Random files - frank's Gallery
american_austin.jpgAmerican Austin116 viewsAmerican Austin. The Bantam became the forerunner to the Jeep when the company won the trials to develop a vehicle for the US Armyfrank
Pierce_Arrow_PA_2_A.jpgPierce Arrow122 views3 1/8" wide by 1 3/4" high, 2 15/16" threadsfrank
Pontiac_NPPB_1_A.jpgPontiac 192690 views• Description; Pressed brass, nickel plated, threaded hubcap for a Pontiac automobile built in Pontiac Michigan in 1926. This was the first of the Pontiac hubcap types.
• Size; The cap has an outside diameter of 2 9/16” and is 1 7/8” high with 2 3/8”- 16 threads.
Marmon_PA_1_B.jpgMarmon78 viewsSidefrank
Humber_CFe_1_B.jpgHumber66 viewsSidefrank
Hudson_1909.jpgHudson 1909165 views1 commentsfrank
Citroen_NPPS_1_B.jpgCitroen74 viewssidefrank
Franklin_NPPB_6_B.jpgFranklin70 viewsfrank
Darracq.gifDarracq119 viewsHis first motor cars were electric cabs, but the design was dismissed as "worthless", and he turned to the manufacture of tricycles and quadricycles, then spent $10,000 on the acquisition of Lion Bolle's patents, and turned out a horrid belt-drive machine called the Darracq-Bolle.

A neat voiturette appeared in 1900 this 6 1/2 hp single being quickly followed by two- and four-cylinder models, which in 1904 acquired Darracq's distinctive chassis, pressed, together with its undershield, from a single sheet of steel. British capital reformed the company in 1905, and thereafter a complex range was available, from a 1039cc 8 hp single to an 8143cc 50/60 hp six. Disastrous fours with Henriod rotary valves appeared in 1912, a 2613cc 15 hp (uprated to 2951cc the next year) and a 3969cc 20 hp: these proved so unreliable that profits dwindled to almost nothing.

M. Darracq quickly decided to retire (he had never really liked cars anyway, could not drive and did not like to be driven) and took a share in the Casino at Deauville. Darracq was taken over by Owen Clegg, who introduced a 1913 range based on his excellent Rover Twelve, with monobloc L-head engines of 2121cc and 2971cc: a 4084cc model was added in 1914. This was used by the French Army during the war, and was joined in 1919 by an advanced sv V8 of 4595cc.

A merger with Sunbeam-Talbot came in 1920, and Darracqs became "Talbots" in France (but were still sold as "Darracqs" or "Talbot-Darracqs" in England until 1939).

Singer_CB_2_C.jpgSinger120 viewsfrank

Last additions - frank's Gallery
Templar_CB_1_B.jpgTemplar158 viewsfrankNov 30, 2013
Templar_CB_1_A.jpgTemplar210 viewsThis is a nickel plated brass hubcap for a Templar automobile built in Cleveland, Ohio. The Maltese Cross on the cap's face was the symbol of the medieval Knights Templar after whom the car was named. Templars were built in limited numbers from 1917 to 1924. They were billed as America's "Super Fine Small Car", and they were very fine automobiles. Four cylinder overhead valve engines powered these sleek small cars, giving great performance. Templars featured standard equipment and options that few other cars could match. The company failed for a variety of reasons that had nothing to do with the excellence of their automobiles.

The hubcap is a heavy brass casting. Thread diameter is 2 3/4 inches, and the distance across the faces of the wrench hex is 2 1/8 inches. The hubcap needs to be cleaned up and replated for full restoration. There is a very small dent in one of the arms on the cross, and there is a small scrape on the edge of the face that should be dressed with a file before replating. This is a very rare find that could make a Templar owner very happy, or could be a great addition to a hubcap collection.
frankNov 30, 2013
Henderson_Badge.jpgHenderson Radiator Emblem163 viewshubcapperNov 13, 2013
Chalmers_Badge.jpgChalmers Radiator Badge171 viewshubcapperNov 13, 2013
Meteor_CA_4_A.jpgMeteor155 viewsMade of heavy cast and machined aluminum. Meteor Motor Car Company built passenger cars from 1914 to 1930 in Piqua, OH as an offshoot of their main funeral coach business. I assume this is from the teens or 20s but I do not know exact year, model or application. 3 5/8" wide by 2 3/16" high, 2 3/4" threadsfrankOct 09, 2013
Star_Stuart_CB_1_C.jpgStuart Truck133 viewsfrankJun 18, 2013
Star_Stuart_CB_1_A.jpgStuart 249 viewsSTUART TRUCK HUBCAP MADE BY STAR OF WOLVERHAMPTON UK. 3 3/8" approx THREAD AND 4 3/4" OD

Star produced this between 1906-1908 . 2 cylinder, 3 speeds and shaft drive.
frankJun 18, 2013
Renault_Automobile_CB_1_C.jpgRenault Automobile142 viewsfrankJun 16, 2013
Renault_Automobile_CB_1_A.jpgRenault Automobile149 views2 1/2" approx OD.frankJun 16, 2013
Stoewer_NPPB_2_C.jpgSTOEWER HUB CAP WITH 3" approx OD144 viewsfrankJun 16, 2013