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oldsmobile_CA_12_C.jpgOldsmobile93 viewshubcapper
Martini_CB_1_A~0.jpgMartini93 viewshubcapper
Jewett_PA_2_A.jpgJewett 1923-25 Model92 viewsDESCRIPTION: Pressed aluminum threaded hub cap for a Jewett automobile built in Detroit, Michigan between the years of 1922 and 1927 by the Paige Detroit Motor Car Company. My notes show this cap as being for the 1923 through 1925 models because of the larger size.
SIZE: The cap has an outside diameter of 2 11/16” and is 1 15/16” high with 2 9/16”- 16 threads. It is 2 1/8” across the flats.
Houk_Insert_Hupmobile_R_Model_1921-25.jpgHouk Insert Hupmobile R Model 1921-2592 viewsThe Houk hub cap emblem was used on the model R Hupp series R-5 in 1920 – 1921 and is for a #4 hub cap. hubcapper
Brown_CB_1_A.jpgBrown (Great Britain)92 viewsDescription: is a cast brass hub cap with a brass insert. Brown Bros Ltd, London 1901-11, initially sold cars made by the Star of Wolverhampton with bodies by Salmson sometimes with Aster engines.

Dimension: 3” outside diameter at the base X 2 5/16” high with 2 3/8”- 18 threads. It is 2.2 across the flats
Renault_NPCB_9_A.jpgRenault Billancourt92 viewsDescription: Small plated brass cap for a Renault

Dimension: 45mm (1 3/4") diameter, 40 mm (1 9/16") internal threads, 39 mm (1 1/2") high, 41mm across the hex and weighs 125 gms or 4 3/8 oz
Larrabee_NPCB_2_B.jpgLarrabee Truck92 viewsLarrabee built trucks from a small one ton to a large 5 ton size.

It is 3-3/4" OD and 1-1/2" high.

Hupmobile_NPPB_5_A.JPGHupmobile, USA, 1912 - 1915 model 32 Face91 viewsHupmobile, 1912 - 1915 model 32 or H threaded hub cap for front wheels . This cap was found in either nickel plated or plain pressed brass. It was used on the front wheels only as the rear wheels used the flanged end of the axle as a cap. The cap has an outside diameter of 2 15/16" and is 1 11/16" high with 2 3/4"- 16 threads. It is 2 1/4" across the flats.hubcapper
Roamer_Hayes_1_A.jpgRoamer91 viewsI have attached photos of my Roamer. I have never see any other then the wire wheel caps although I know that they used disc wheels in the later years. This is a #5 Hayes wheel cap and is 4 ¼” OD X 3” high with 3 5/8” - 10 threads. It is 3 ¼” across the flats and the insert diameter is 2 ¾”.

Husdon_Rudge_Whitworth_SRB_NPPB_1_C.jpgRudge Whitworth SRB for Hudson91 viewshubcapper
Pilot_PA_1_A.jpgPilot91 viewsIt was manufactured in Richmond, Indiana between 1909-1924.

It is pressed aluminum.

It is 3" OD and 1-5/8" high.

Little_NPPB_1_A.jpgLittle_NPPB_1_A.jpg90 viewsDescription; NPPB threaded cap for a Little built by the Little Motor Car Co, Flint, Mich 1912 - 1915. William Little was a former Buick manager whom W Durant employed to build cars in the Flint Wagon Works which formerly made the Whiting.

DimensionsNPPB 2 3/8" OD X 1 5/8" High with 2 5/16"- 24 Threads per inch.
Hupmobile_PB_1_D.JPGHupmobile, USA, 1909 - 1913 model 2090 viewshubcapper
Henney_CA_3_A.jpgHenney 4 1/8"90 viewsDESCRIPTION: Cast aluminum threaded hub cap for a Henney hearse or automobile which I believe is from the mid 1920 era. These vehicles were built in Freeport, Illinois between the years of 1915 and 1954 and the threaded hubcaps would have ceased being used about 1930.
SIZE: The cap has an outside diameter of just under 4 1/8” and is 2 1/2” high with 3 7/16”- 16 threads.
Stanley_NPCB_2_A.jpgStanley Steamer90 viewsDESCRIPTION: Nickel plated cast brass threaded hubcap for an early Stanley Steam automobile built in Massachusetts between the years of 1897 and 1927. I believe this is a rear wheel hub cap because of the size and that it dates around the 1910 era.
SIZE: The hubcap has an outside diameter of 3 1/2” and is 1 11/16” high with 3 1/4”- 20 threads.
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