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Random files - hubcapper's Gallery
Weld_CA_1_C.jpgWeld71 viewsunderneathhubcapper
Overland_CA_2_A.jpgOverland 1915 Model 82 and 1916 Model 8669 viewsDESCRIPTION: Cast aluminum threaded hub cap for an Overland automobile. This cap was used on the rear wheels of the model 82 for 1915 and the model 86 for 1916. The cap retained the free floating rear axle.

SIZE: The cap has an outside diameter of 5 7/16” and is 2 13/16” high with 4 7/8”- 16 threads.
Stutz_NPPB_1_C.jpgStutz66 viewshubcapper
Daniels_CB_1_A.jpgRudge Whitworth Daniels76 viewsDescription: Daniels insert in a Rudge Whitworth Wire Wheel hubcaphubcapper
StoddardDayton_NPPB_3_A.jpgStoddard Dayton70 viewsDESCRIPTION: Nickel plated pressed brass threaded hub cap for a Stoddard Dayton automobile built in Dayton, Ohio between the years of 1904 and 1913. I believe this cap is a front wheel cap because of the smaller size but I am not positive of the application.
SIZE: The cap has an outside diameter of 2 7/8” and is 2 1/16” high with 2 3/4”- 18 threads per inch. It is 1 7/8” across the flats.
Franklin_SB_3_C.jpgFranklin75 viewshubcapper
Hupmobile_Radiator_Badge_1919-25_R_Modelwith_Reg_US_Pat_Off.jpgHupmobile 1919-25 R Model122 viewshubcapper
Hotchkiss_CB_2_B.jpgHotchkiss80 viewshubcapper
Renault_NPCB_9_A.jpgRenault Billancourt92 viewsDescription: Small plated brass cap for a Renault

Dimension: 45mm (1 3/4") diameter, 40 mm (1 9/16") internal threads, 39 mm (1 1/2") high, 41mm across the hex and weighs 125 gms or 4 3/8 oz
Girling_NPCB_1_A.jpgGirling211 viewsDescription:Cap from a Girling (1913-14) made by Girling Motors Ltd, Bedford GB
A 3 wheeled cyclecar with single cylinder 6 hp engine.

Dimensions : 2.675 ins / 6.6 cms across the top, 265 grams weight

Last additions - hubcapper's Gallery
Hansa-cb-1-A.jpgHansa Germany 1908-1939132 viewsHansa Hub cap . The cap has an OD of 70mm and is 27.5mm high with 64mm threads. It is 55mm across the flats. It is nickel plated cast brass with a brass insert.
frankApr 01, 2016
Peerless_CB_1_A.jpgPeerless_CB_1_A222 viewsDescription: Cast Brass with an aluminum insert

Dimensions: 4 1/8” OD X 2 1/8” High with 3 3/8” – 16 Threads per inch. 2 ½” across flats and weighs 1 lb. 11 ounces
hubcapperApr 18, 2014
Dodge_Trk_CPPS_2.jpgDodge Truck134 viewsIt is a chrome plated steel cap with external threads. I thought for years that it was a Durant and had mine in with my Durant caps until I sold one on E-bay and the buyer set me straight. The small cap is used on the front and the large one on the rear. Dodge used these caps on different models through 1947. hubcapperJan 03, 2014
Heine_Velox__CB_1b.jpgHeine Velox106 viewshubcapperOct 24, 2013
Heine_Velox__CB_1a.jpgHeine Velox148 viewsDescription : Heine Velox was a piano builder that started building cars in 1906. The factory was destroyed by the San Francisco earth quake and car production ceased. They again started building cars from 1921 - 1923.

Dimension: Heine Velox, Cast Brass cap, 4 7/8" OD X 3" high with 4 3/4" - 16 Threads.It weighs 2 lbs 3 1/2 Ounces. This is a rear wheel cap.
hubcapperOct 24, 2013
Truxmore__Fe_1b.jpgTruxmore94 viewshubcapperOct 23, 2013
Truxmore_Fe_1a.jpgTruxmore107 viewsDimension:The Truxmore is cast iron cap 4 3/16" OD X 2 5/8" high with 4"-16 threads. It weighs 2 1/3 pounds.
Description:Truxmore was a third axle assembly built by Truck Equipment Company Inc., Buffalo, NY. starting in 1921. The third axle assemblies were installed on two axle trucks to increase load capacity.
hubcapperOct 23, 2013
Vinot_NPCB_3_A.jpgVinot & Deguigand143 viewsDescription: Nickle plated brass cap for a Vinot & Deguigand

Dimensions: 70mm wide, 30mm high, 65mm external threads, 55mm across the octaganol
hubcapperJul 26, 2012
Vinot_Deguigand_CB_1_A.jpgVinot & Deguigand137 viewsDescription: Cast brass cap from a Vinot made in France 1901-1926 at Puteaux and Nanterre, Seine.
Dimension: External 50 mm threads, 60mm diameter, 25 mm height and 55mm across the octaganol.
hubcapperJul 10, 2012
Marion-Handley_NPCB_1_C.jpgMarion Handley130 viewshubcapperJun 30, 2012