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Case__36.jpg64 viewshubcapco
Premier_NPPS_1_A.jpgPremier NPPS119 views• Description; NPPS threaded hubcap for a Premier automobile with a cloisonne' insert.
• Size; The cap has an outside diameter of 3 3/4” and is 2 3/8” high with the insert being 2 1/8”.
• Weight: 1 lb 37/8 oz

1 commentshubcapco
REO_PA_1_A.jpgREO 1929 Speed Wagon91 views• Description; Pressed aluminum threaded hub cap for a 1929 REO Speed wagon truck and also used on other REO trucks from the early 1930s. This cap is miss-identified as a Packard cap in Kuhn’s book, Threaded Hubcaps Unlimited, and has an octagon rather than Packard’s trademarked, red painted hex.
• Size; The cap has an outside diameter of 3 11/16” and is just over 2 ¾” high with 2 5/8”- 16 threads.
Chalmers_PA_2_A.jpgChalmers 192377 viewsYEAR: 1924
Description: Pressed alumunium threaded hub cap for a 1923 Chalmers. In 1922 Chalmers was taken over by Maxwell which had become a subsiduary of Chrysler. 1923 was the last year of production with some 9000 units leaving the factories.
Dimension: OD: 3 1/16 2 1/2" inner threads, HGT: 2 3/16 FLATS 2 1/4
Briscoe_CB_3_B.jpgBriscoe 191582 viewshubcapco
StoddardDayton_NPPB_4_B.jpgStoddard Dayton59 viewshubcapco
Hudson_PB_2_A.jpgHudson80 viewshubcapco
Unknown_NPCB_1_A.jpgUnknown75 viewshubcapco
Pilot_NPCB_1_A.jpgPilot 1909-192485 viewsThis hubcap is approximately 3 1/4 inches diameter. It is threaded on the inside to fit on the wheel. It has a chrome looking emblem in the center that says Pilot Richmond Indiana it also has a picture of a ship's wheelhubcapco
Stephens_CA_1_C.jpgStephens89 viewshubcapco

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Le_Gui_1A.jpgLe Gui 183 viewsThe car was built between the years of 1904 and 1916, in Italy as the Guy and in France as the Le Gui. It was also known in England as the Millard-Le Gui after one of the importers who handled it.
The cap is cast brass with a copper insert and has an OD of 2.680” X 1 1/8” high. It is 2 ¼” across the flats and the OD of the threads is 2.160”
frankMar 08, 2015
Massey_Ferguson__1_b.jpgMassey Ferguson149 viewshubcapcoMar 27, 2012
Massey_Ferguson__1_A.jpgMassey Ferduson131 viewsThe Massey Fergson cap is cast brass with an OD of 2” X 1 17/32” high and external threadshubcapcoMar 27, 2012
Valveless_PB__1_A.jpgValveless (Dodson)130 viewsDescription: A pressed brass cap for a Valveless : Lucas Valveless 1901-1914. At the 1911 Olympia Show they shared a stand with the David Brown sponsored Dodson car and in one list they were known as Dodson Valveless

Dimension: The Valveless cap is pressed brass and has an OD of 3” X 1 7/16” high
hubcapcoMar 26, 2012
ArrolJohnston_caps.jpgArrol Johnston182 viewsFour caps of various stages of AJ production including the Arrol Aster.

Located in Dumfries museum
hubcapcoMar 07, 2012
Biddle_CB_3_C.jpgBiddle132 viewshubcapcoFeb 17, 2012
Biddle_CB_3_B.jpgBiddle129 viewshubcapcoFeb 17, 2012
Biddle_CB_3_A.jpgBiddle 1915-1923141 viewsDescription: Biddle Motor Car Co, Philadelphia, Pa. A small luxury car featuring a pointed radiator similar to a Mercedes.

Measures: 2 3/4in top 1 1/8 in height. threads are 2 1/2inside.Riivited plate of brass the cap body looks to be nickel plate The weight is 1/2lb.

hubcapcoFeb 17, 2012
Kissel_Aftermarket_wire_Wheel_1_C.jpgKissel138 views3-5/8" outside diameter threadhubcapcoDec 19, 2011
Kissel_Aftermarket_wire_Wheel_1_A.jpgKissel143 views3-5/8" outside diameter threadhubcapcoDec 19, 2011