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Trumball_NPPB_1_A.jpgTrumbull48 viewsDescription. NPPB cap for Trumbull made by the American Cyclecar Co. Bridgeport, Conn, 1913-14 and Trumball Car Co. 1915

Dimension: 3" outer diameter , 2 1/2" threads, 1 3/5" high, 2" across the top
Hudson_PB_1_B.jpgHudson62 viewssidefrank
Weld_CA_1_C.jpgWeld47 viewsunderneathhubcapper
Fiat_NPCB_4_C.jpgFiat38 viewslot of grease insidefrank
Beggs_NPPB_1_A.jpgBeggs 1918-2356 viewsDescription: NPPB threaded cap for a Beggs assembled by the Beggs Motot Car Co, Kansas City, Mo.
Star_CFe_1_A.jpgUS Military Hubcap (Star)?39 viewsI am not sure of the exact year of this hubcap. I also am not sure if this is a military or Star Automobile hubcap. So I appologize for listing as either or. I am leaning toward military as it is cast iron and a crude cast. That is all the info I can really give. It measures 3 1/2 round with 3 1/8 threads. and is 2 inches tall. DKuhn
Daniels_CB_1_A.jpgRudge Whitworth Daniels48 viewsDescription: Daniels insert in a Rudge Whitworth Wire Wheel hubcaphubcapper
Wagon_G_E_Addi_CB_1_A.jpgWagon G.E.Addie Doncaster75 viewsVINTAGE BRASS WAGON HUB CAP - G. EADDIE BUILDER DONCASTER.

Saginaw_NPPB_1_A.jpgSaginaw67 viewsSaginaw antique threaded screw on hubcap.It was manufactured in Saginaw, Michigan between 1914-1915.Flamboyant cycle car.It is pressed brass with a nickel plating.

It is 2-7/8" OD and 7/8" high.

Vinot_Deguigand_CB_1_A.jpgVinot & Deguigand90 viewsDescription: Cast brass cap from a Vinot made in France 1901-1926 at Puteaux and Nanterre, Seine.
Dimension: External 50 mm threads, 60mm diameter, 25 mm height and 55mm across the octaganol.

Last additions
Hansa-cb-1-A.jpgHansa Germany 1908-193945 viewsHansa Hub cap . The cap has an OD of 70mm and is 27.5mm high with 64mm threads. It is 55mm across the flats. It is nickel plated cast brass with a brass insert.
frankApr 01, 2016
Le_Gui_1A.jpgLe Gui 88 viewsThe car was built between the years of 1904 and 1916, in Italy as the Guy and in France as the Le Gui. It was also known in England as the Millard-Le Gui after one of the importers who handled it.
The cap is cast brass with a copper insert and has an OD of 2.680” X 1 1/8” high. It is 2 ¼” across the flats and the OD of the threads is 2.160”
frankMar 08, 2015
Peerless_CB_1_A.jpgPeerless_CB_1_A124 viewsDescription: Cast Brass with an aluminum insert

Dimensions: 4 1/8” OD X 2 1/8” High with 3 3/8” – 16 Threads per inch. 2 ½” across flats and weighs 1 lb. 11 ounces
hubcapperApr 18, 2014
Babcock_CB_2.jpgBabcock108 viewsH.H. Babcock Co, Watertown, N.Y (1909-1913) . The Babcock line included a motor buggy with a 2 cyl engine as well asa conventional car with a 35/40 hp 4cyl engine.DKuhnFeb 23, 2014
image~7.jpg1919 Detroit Electric126 views1919-1920's Detroit Electric. Pressed brass nickel plated with nickel plated brass emblem.
Overall diameter: 3 1/4"
Thread diameter: 2 1/2"
Height: 1 3/4"
jakelJan 10, 2014
image~6.jpgDetroit Electric (side)96 viewsjakelJan 10, 2014
image~5.jpgDetroit Electric (Back)85 viewsjakelJan 10, 2014
image~4.jpgWillys 693 views1920's Willys 6. Pressed aluminum.
Overall diameter: 3"
Thread diameter: 3"
Height: 1 1/2"
jakelJan 10, 2014
image~3.jpgWillys 6 (Side)84 viewsjakelJan 10, 2014
image~2.jpgWillys 6 (Back)90 viewsjakelJan 10, 2014